Eon Vincent

1st Place

The 2017 Calisthenics Games

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The Calisthenics Games was an amazing success this year in Nashville, TN. We had to change the day and location due to the hurricane activity in the gulf that caused some inclement weather here in music city! Regardless, the competitors brought it! The gravity defying feats of strength that their bodies allowed them were a spectacle for the crowed. At the end of the day a Eon Vincent defended his title and was crowned the 2017 Calisthenics Games Champion. We are looking forward to the next Games.



@NashvilleStrengthCompany / Terry Barga
@UpYourFitness / Mike Marchese
@erinoprea / Erin Oprea

Erin in Toronto copy.jpg

official Rules

Prior to The Games, the official judges will review submission videos and seed the selected competitors into the battle.

The 2017 Games will be held in a battle style tournament. There will be 6 (six) rounds of battle. All competitors will compete head to head, back to back. Each competitor will have 45 seconds to impress the judges and crowd. There will be a three minute rest period between each round.

Round 1 & 2: 6 competitors

Round 3 & 4: Only the top 4 competitors compete

Round 5 & 6: The finals. Only the top 2 competitors will compete. 

You will be judged on three criteria: Strength, Fluidity, and Form

Must be 17+ years old to compete in the Main Event.